Our people

M J Mapp prides itself in its employee relations and has a specific corporate objective of being the ‘best in sector employer’. We measure this via the Best Companies annual employee engagement survey and we are proud of achieving a classification of either outstanding or excellent over the last four years.

Some of our key people

Our senior management team are actively involved in all of our mandates. Nigel monitors the performance of all contracts and manages senior client relationships. David is responsible for service delivery, client relationships and our London office building team. Cathy delivers a wide range of client accounting functions. Victoria heads up our portfolio management team in the north and Rob is responsible for the strategic direction of our property management service.

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Victoria Steventon

Executive Director

Victoria joined from CBRE in 2017 to head up M J Mapp’s 30-strong portfolio management team in the north. Based in Manchester, Victoria also directly manages several high-profile and large-asset offices.

Robert Stark

Senior Executive Director

Rob is responsible for our property management operations and the strategic delivery of an outstanding service. Rob is responsible for driving forward innovation and change with a particular emphasis on PropTech.

Cathy Hemming-Poppleton

Executive Director Central Accounts

Cathy and her team of 22 make sure we collect rent and service charges on time, remit those monies efficiently, and pay suppliers. Cathy has over 25 years’ experience in the sector and is well respected by colleagues and clients.

Nigel Mapp

Chief Executive

Nigel founded the company in 1998. Today he makes sure that M J Mapp’s clients receive a level of service beyond expectation by challenging the team to reach new heights. Nigel is active in developing new and maintaining existing senior relationships.

David Clein

Managing Director

David ensures that we deliver best in sector service to each of our clients, across all of our service lines. In addition he oversees our client relationships as well as the strategic direction and performance of our five business streams.

David joined M J Mapp in 2005.

Some of our key people

Our senior management team are actively involved in all of our mandates. Tom manages the portfolio management team, Louisa manages commercial property portfolios, Martin heads up our accounts and Mike leads our facilities management team.

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Tom Peasgood

Senior Executive Director

Tom manages our nationwide portfolio management team. The team, based in London and our regional offices, manages over £6bn of commercial property.

Tom has worked at M J Mapp for over 10 years.

Louisa Greenwood

Client Director

Louisa and her team manage commercial property portfolios for clients including Barings and the Church Commissioners for England. This vital work ensures we deliver the service levels that have been agreed, in a way that exceeds occupiers’ expectations and encourages retention.

Martin Holland

Senior Executive Director

Martin has over 30 years’ experience of property accounting and financial compliance, spanning all types of real estate portfolios. Martin specialises in developing tailored accounting solutions and systems to manage large and complex property portfolios, which by their nature have a diverse range of accounting and reporting requirements.

Mike Lewis

Executive Director

Mike leads our facilities management teams, ensuring they deliver an outstanding service to all the properties we manage. He also implements innovations and investment on behalf of clients, and oversees relationships with service consultants and contractors.


Our values

Our priority is to deliver unrivalled service for our clients. We recruit and retain high calibre people who work together to achieve this. Whilst our values guide behaviour and standards internally we thought you should know what is important to us because those values will also shape our interactions with you.


We value each other

We are appreciative – we freely express gratitude and look to recognise the great contributions our people make to the team and to our clients. We are also committed to looking outward at the needs around us and responding generously.


We say what we mean

We are authentic, real and have no time for politics! Amongst other things this means being candid and honest with ourselves, with each other, and with our clients. Deadlines are deadlines not vague possibilities and we expect our team to deliver.


We do what we say

We keep ourselves accountable – we measure how well we are doing as property managers and as employers, and even if it puts the pressure on, we hold each other to account in terms of the quality of what we are delivering and the deadlines.


We work better together

We are team minded – we rely on each other to get things done and we do things together. We share a sense of ownership of the vision, which means that we talk to each other about how we are going to get things done. Everyone should feel like they work with M J Mapp, not for M J Mapp, and should have some fun along the way!


We push boundaries

We are adventurous – we are passionate about reaching our full potential, personally and corporately, not just for the sake of the business but for the sake of life at its fullest. That means we look for ways to push outside of our comfort zones and develop our skills to both be better people and better at what we deliver to our clients.


Our responsibilities

Sustainability, at its heart, is about stewardship. M J Mapp believe this should form the foundation of any business. Economics cannot be decoupled from environmental or social responsibility, in fact, long term profit is dependent on productive people and a productive planet. We collaborate with our clients, suppliers and occupiers to ensure the impact of our business is managed through promoting best practice and ensuring statutory compliance.



We support SPEAR’s incredible work with young adults. The SPEAR course addresses the most common causes of under-achievement. SPEARHEAD then seeks to provide job opportunities and works with employers to place students into full time work. 75% of SPEAR graduates are still in employment or training one year later. For more information visit: Sam's story and SPEAR


The Soup Kitchen

We support The Soup Kitchen to which we donate money and resources to help them achieve their goals. The Soup Kitchen is on Tottenham Court Road and provides free hot meals, clothes and toiletries to the homeless and elderly. Two M J Mapp employees prepare and serve hot meals twice monthly and help raise money towards their work.


Environmental strategy

Proactive environmental management is one of the key requirements to ensure a sustainable business model. Its importance is underlined by a complex, evolving and expanding statutory framework that impacts how we do business internally and at all the properties under our management. We strive to improve the environmental performance of our management portfolio.


Management systems

Our environmental strategy is implemented through our certification to ISO14001, the international standard for excellence in environmental management. Our environmental management system has been developed from our environmental policy which can be viewed here.



We are committed to understanding, and acting on, the requirements of all applicable environmental law whether current or proposed. We are also committed to understanding how any other requirements of our clients, or the industry in general, impact our business. These could be client specific objectives or targets, best practice guidance, or voluntary standards all of which are assigned the same level of importance as our statutory obligations.


Strategy targets

We are committed to:

  • Increasing recycling and reducing waste sent to landfill
  • Reducing carbon emissions through active property management
  • Working with suppliers who aspire to achieving sustainability in their own operations
  • Advising our clients on how to reduce the environmental impact of their business
  • Giving back to society through our charitable partnerships

Our approach

Our approach is simple. Attract and retain the best people, focus on the needs of our clients, invest in IT, systems and processes, keep our accounting team in London and focus on one core activity to ensure that all of our resources, energy and enthusiasm are dedicated to providing an unrivalled property and asset management service.


Our service

We specialise in property and asset management. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that all of our resources, energy and passion are directed towards making M J Mapp a great business and delivering a market-leading and innovative property management solution to our clients. In November 2017 we were awarded Property Week's UK Commercial Property Manager of the Year.


Our client base

We have a proven track record in acting for some of the UK’s most high-profile and demanding Funds and property REITs.