M J Mapp and Travtus have entered into an Innovation Partnership to encourage research and development in Machine Learning models for commercial Property Management. Working with M J Mapp Travtus will expand their AI solutions to the complex market of commercial property, through their AI Property Manager called ADAM.

The success of AI in the property industry completely relies on the quantity and quality of data. One of the biggest issues in property management is the time lost to administration and bottlenecks at decision points due to the complex nature of the demands on time. The use of machine learning allows us to institutionalise industry knowledge and M J Mapp is leading this innovation by engaging in research and development for solutions that combine both technology and operational expertise. ADAM’s creators believe that Artificial Intelligence can help solve this problem for the industry.

The point of AI is not to take away from the human but to allow a human to be more human. The qualities of empathy, imagination and conviction are very human and these are qualities that any good property manager will have. Industry has historically required humans to act like robots; they have to follow scripts and protocol and are made to log everything in order to perform. But this is not the best and most human way of doing things as one of our greatest strengths is thinking outside of scripts and protocol to imagine solutions. For everyday activity, we can train ADAM.

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, Strategy & Operations at  M J Mapp commented:  “As the leading specialists in the property management sector, we have made developing and enhancing service levels across the industry a priority. The wider technological landscape informs our response to occupational and client requirements and M J Mapp’s scale and structure allow us to deliver that ecosystem, anticipating and leading property technology developments and incorporating those into our service delivery and internal platform. We are delighted to be working with Travtus on this leading edge project”.

M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 300 people to manage around £11 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.-Ends- For further information please contact Ingrid Connor ingrid.connor@mjmapp.com
020 7908 5500

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M J Mapp made the strategic decision in 2018 to partner with Locale, equipping their UK portfolio of properties under management with an unparalleled solution to support site management and to provide an instant communication channel to clients and occupiers

One of the key challenges faced by managing agents in today’s environment is occupier engagement, and user centricity is key. Property consumers, investors and occupiers expect a building to provide the same level of service as any other commercial provider.   M J Mapp sought a solution that could be flexed to meet the needs of different environments whilst maintaining the same level of value to management and occupiers.

To meet this challenge and innovate their offering, M J Mapp made the strategic decision to partner with Locale, providing their property portfolio of around 900 properties and 4,500 occupiers with a revolutionary communication, property management and occupier experience platform. Locale currently serve over 52 million sq. foot of commercial, residential and mixed-use property in the UK and connect 100,000 occupiers every year.

The occupier portal provided by Locale allows data and communications to be sent to and from customers, providing them with an immediate view into the operation of their building. The portal provides remote access to health & safety, compliance, financial and service charge information and property data 24/7. Occupiers also have the ability to manage their environment, including security, deliveries, room bookings, visitors and local services. This engages the occupier community, increasing tenant retention, satisfaction and by extension, income to clients.

The sector agnostic nature of Locale allows integration with all property types, allowing a seamless service to all occupiers.

M J Mapp’s unique approach to property management through the portfolio-wide roll out of Locale will enhance our position in the market as one of the most innovative managing agents in the UK.  The strategy to streamline facilities management and building communication through Locale will transform the way in which the portfolio is managed; reducing operational costs; increasing efficiency; adding value to occupiers and enhancing portfolio wide communications.

‘Locale forms a key part of our overarching strategy, allowing flexibility and delivery of best in class solutions for our customers. The technologies unique ability to respond to aggregated feedback in real-time will have a key impact on M J Mapp’s property managers. The ability to provide communications across their entire managed estate will leave them freer to focus on daily management. The introduction of Locale’s technology allows M J Mapp to introduce a solution that caters to all sites, adding value, increasing efficiencies and creating a memorable occupier experience.’

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, M J Mapp



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M J Mapp has established an innovative, technology-enabled approach to property management. By selecting best-in-class PropTech we will deliver enhanced value for our clients. Following on from the successful delivery and impressive returns at a number of properties over the past 18 months, M J Mapp is delighted to announce a preferred partnership with Demand Logic. The multiple award-winning technology will be rolled out across the M J Mapp’s client-base to create digital assets for their real estate.

The EG Technology of the Year winners market-leading technology enables real-time analysis of operational performance across a property portfolio. Providing actionable intelligence to improve wellbeing, prioritise maintenance and save energy and carbon. It supports vertically-integrated communications across all of the property management team and improves occupier engagement. The partnership will improve clients’ property performance by supporting cost reduction, a reduction in energy usage, increasing maintenance effectiveness and comfort for the occupiers.

The ability for our Building Managers, Management team, and clients, to be able to see the operational performance of a portfolio of properties in one individual view is invaluable in terms of resource management and prioritisation. At-a-glance, our team and clients can see which properties are performing well and which are in need of attention. At the same time, the Building Manager can see where the action is required and which type of engineer is needed. The engineer can diagnose the problem remotely and increase first-time fixes.

“Demand Logic is delighted to be extending our preferred partnership with
M J Mapp. We have achieved some very effective results working together already. We are excited to see how much value we can create as part of this extended partnership. M J Mapp’s experience in Property Management and their innovative, customer-centric approach is something which we want to build upon to develop our offering and further support M J Mapp and their clients”.

Sonny Masero, Chairman, Demand Logic

“Utilising new technology to provide a world-class property management service is critical to enhancing service levels and as the leading specialists in the property management sector, this is something we have made a priority. We will continue to invest in and partner with best-in-breed technology providers to ensure that our clients and their occupiers always have access to the most advanced solutions possible.

The wider technological landscape forms a core part of our response to occupational and client requirements and M J Mapp’s scale and structure allow us to deliver an extremely flexible ecosystem, anticipating and leading property technology developments and incorporating these into our service delivery and internal platform”.

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director,
Property Management Strategy & Operations,  M J Mapp

“Implementing Demand Logic offers us the opportunity to improve the efficiency of our properties both in terms of energy reduction, and in the smarter deployment of engineers via the facilitation of a condition based maintenance approach.  Further, the occupier experience is enhanced through better temperature control leading to a reduction in hot and cold calls.  By partnering with Demand Logic we are well positioned to meet the need to improve the performance of property further by measuring and managing health and wellbeing indicators and using that data to add value to the service we provide to our clients, and the occupiers of the buildings we manage”.

Carl Brooks, Head of Sustainability, M J Mapp

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M J Mapp have on-boarded LEVERTON’s market-leading data extraction and document management platform to support real estate lease data extraction after a pilot program to test the platform’s capabilities.

The first live transaction project serves as a precursor to both businesses partnering together on future projects to accelerate transactions and offer a ‘best in sector’ service to customers.

LEVERTON’s AI-powered platform employs its learnings from complex commercial real estate and legal documentation previously exposed to in order to automatically and efficiently identify, extract and structure relevant data points, accelerating insight driven decision making in support of real estate transactions and portfolio management.

“Our collaboration with LEVERTON enables us to save countless hours of manual data entry and sorting, meaning that we are now able to focus our time and attention to doing what we do best – providing an unrivalled property and asset management service to our customers and clients. We are really looking forward to seeing this relationship develop in the next few years,” said Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, Property Management Strategy & Operations at M J Mapp.

“We’re thrilled to be working with M J Mapp who bring their years of commercial property management expertise to our partnership. With them, we are hoping to both build our platform’s understanding of the specific needs of various real estate clients and thereby develop improved and pragmatic solutions for the market,” said Richard Belgrave, Chief Revenue Officer, LEVERTON.

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A no-deal Brexit remains a possibility, and with it the threat of disruption, particularly to supply chains, remains real.

At a corporate level M J Mapp will, in relative terms, be largely unaffected but there is potential for higher levels of disruption throughout our supply chain.

Property Management businesses employ higher than normal levels of EU workers, and many critical components for lifts, air conditioning systems, boilers and fire alarms originate in the EU. There are many other potential points for disruption.

Brexit Contingency Planning Group;

In 2018, M J Mapp formed a number of working groups to look at the impact on our business, operations and more particularly the properties we manage. These working groups reported to a core group of Senior Management representatives to work through a risk based approach of what was required to ensure our business and the properties we manage would continue as usual.

We are working with all our EU and EEA employees to ensure that they are aware of the directives from the Home Office and changing legislation. We have already initiated the process to support our EU employees work towards securing their right to remain in the UK post 30 March 2019 via the EU Settlement Scheme. 

In addition, we have secured a Sponsorship Licence to ensure we are able to recruit from outside the EU. In the last quarter we have recruited a number of individuals from outside the EU.

What contingencies are we putting in place?

We have been and continue to gather information from our service providers to ascertain their readiness for a potential no-deal scenario, as well as Brexit more generally, with a  focus on what plans or actions they are taking to mitigate identified risks.

We have highlighted a number of areas where risk is real but the key areas include:

  • The number of EU employees employed by service partners that may no longer be able to work on buildings due to possible restrictions on freedom of movement;
  • Reviewing key critical spares that would be deemed an essential requirement for life safety and stockpiling where prudent;
  • Reviewing and updating contingency plans for scenarios around failures of fire alarm systems. For example retrofitting wireless fire detection and alarm systems, fire watch systems and updating Fire Risk Assessment to ensure both insurers and regulators are content with the interim arrangements;
  • Contracts being re-tendered will be placed onto fixed prices for regular supply items and fixed schedule of rates for labour;
  • Potential Environmental, Health and Safety legislation changes;
  • BREXIT exposed occupiers struggling to make rental payments.

What contingencies are we putting in place for the systems we use which hold data and manage operational teams?

We have contacted both the software vendors of the systems we host within our domain, and SaaS solution providers to establish what preparations and contingency plans have been formulated in the event that there is negative impact following the finalisation of Britain’s exit agreement.

The overriding responses to our queries both from hosted and SaaS providers is that no specific plans are required.

The general consensus is that there will be no immediate effect to the services provided by public hosting providers such as Microsoft, Amazon or Google. Those who have formulated plans have confirmed that data residing in European data centres will be switched to UK data centres in the event of a worst case scenario.

The M J Mapp data centre and hosted systems have been reviewed and risk assessed; all of which have been deemed to pose minimal risk as they are either UK software houses or the licenses are owned in perpetuity.  

We have conducted a review of our corporate and financial technology infrastructure and are comfortable that we have resilience in the event of a no-deal or disorderly Brexit scenario. We will however to continue to review the position and take actions to provide further resilience if needed.

What about Health and Safety?

The Health and Safety (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2018 are designed to ensure that European Union-derived health and safety protections will continue in domestic law after the UK leaves the EU. Some technical amendments to existing legislation will be required to ensure effective operation.

The regulations, which have been made under powers in section 8 of the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (EUWA), will amend 11 sets of regulations and one directly acting EU regulation and include changes to:

  • The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015;
  • The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002;
  • The Offshore Installations (Offshore Safety Directive) (Safety Case etc.) Regulations 2015;
  • The Offshore Installations (Prevention of Fire and Explosion, and Emergency Response) Regulations 1995;  
  • The CDM Regulations 2007 updated in 2015 are derived from an EU directive. These are highly embedded in the Construction industry and wholesale abolition seems unlikely;
  • CE markings may not still be relevant.

The Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (IOSH) believes that little will change as the UK was the leading light behind many of these EU directives.

And Energy and the Environment?

The environment is currently protected by a large body of EU environmental law covering areas including air quality, waste and resources, water, wildlife and habitats, chemicals and pesticides. There is an equally large body of legislation that helps the UK deliver its international commitments.

The EU Withdrawal Act 2018 will ensure all existing EU environmental law continues to operate in UK law.  

In addition, the government has sought to allay fears around the environmental impact of Brexit by announcing its intention to bring forward a new Environment Bill aimed at enacting the vision laid out in the 25 year Environment Plan for England. Similar plans are likely to be developed by the devolved administrations.

One area which is already being affected by Brexit is the UK’s energy supply.  A report published by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in 2018, entitled “UK Energy in Brief”, shows that for the year of 2017 the UK imported around 36% of its energy from other countries, many of them in the EU. While the security of supply is unlikely to be affected, there may be a continued impact on the cost of those commodities. A drop in the Pound’s value since the referendum has impacted prices and further devaluation, along with potential new import tariffs, may see prices rise further.

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M J Mapp’s specialist retail team have been appointed by ALTERIS to manage Vicar Lane Shopping Centre in Chesterfield.

The 220,000 sq ft shopping centre offers modern retail facilities in the heart of the historic market town of Chesterfield.

Bert Broadhead, Director of ALTERIS, said;

“We look forward to working alongside our key stakeholders to reintroduce vibrancy into this town centre, creating a space that appeals both to the modern day customer, as well as both existing and new brands. The choice of M J Mapp to work alongside us on this project was simple; it was based on their focus on a customised service, willingness to embrace innovation and their flexibility to adapt alongside all of us in facing down the new challenges posed by a changing retail environment.”

John Michell, M J Mapp’s Head of Retail said;

 “We are really excited to be working with ALTERIS and their team on this shopping centre. Vicar Lane is the dominant retail destination in Chesterfield with huge opportunities to consolidate and add value”

 M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 300 people to manage around £9.5 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.

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M J Mapp have been appointed by, Ascendas REIT, Singapore’s largest business space and industrial real estate investment trust to manage their latest UK acquisition, consisting of 26 logistics properties.

The £257.5m portfolio follows on from the £207m portfolio acquisition which Ascendas REIT bought over the summer.

Nigel Mapp, CEO at M J Mapp commented;

‘‘We are very excited to be working with Ascendas, who are actively expanding their footprint beyond Asia and Australia, and to add them to our growing stable of Asian clients”.

M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 300 people to manage around £9.5 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.

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M J Mapp have been appointed by FirethornTrust, the investment company set up by former Tristan Capital directors Peter Mather and Chris Webb, to manage the assets in their new mandate which has secured backing from two US Family Offices.

The Funds first acquisition is Quay House at South Quay in Canary Wharf.  The 20,000 sq ft office building is located just 300 metres from the Canary Wharf Underground station in a prime waterfront location.  M J Mapp will manage the asset until the planning application for redevelopment is submitted during 2019.

This new appointment is a welcome addition to properties already managed by M J Mapp in the heart of Canary Wharf.

Nigel Mapp, CEO at M J Mapp commented;

‘We are thrilled to have been chosen to work with FirethornTrust as they embark on an exciting new venture and look forward to developing the relationship as the portfolio and business grows’.

Chris Webb, Partner at FirethornTrust commented;

‘Meticulous and progressive property management underpins our approach to all investment and development decisions and we are delighted to be working with M J Mapp as we move forward and grow the portfolio’.  

M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 300 people to manage around £9.5 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.


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M J Mapp have been appointed by Chinese Developers ABP to manage Royal Albert Dock in East London.  In a fully competitive tender, M J Mapp won the mobilisation, set up and property management of London’s newest international business district.

The new 35 acre business hub is being transformed and revitalised in several phases with the first phase of the £1.7 billion project due for completion in the first quarter of 2019. This will release high quality workplaces with vibrant waterfront leisure and retail space, new streets and attractive public realm.

John Miu, Vice President at ABP London commented;

 “We appointed M J Mapp after a vigorous selection and tender process; they demonstrated a clear understanding of ABP’s vision and are supported by high quality specialist personnel who really understand property management rather than do property management.  We look forward to forging a strong partnership with
M J Mapp on this exciting project.”

Polly Plunket-Checkemian who recently joined M J Mapp’s Executive team commented; ‘We are very excited to be working with ABP at London’s new landmark business district.  ABP are vastly experienced at creating world class global developments and working with them to create a new and thriving business district in our capital is a privilege’

M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 300 people to manage around £9.5 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.

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M J Mapp have once again been awarded for their efforts in environmental best practice.  Two of their managed sites, The Cornerhouse in Nottingham and Stockley Park in Uxbridge, have won a ‘Green Apple’ award in recognition of the team’s work in embedding sustainable practices.

The award for The Cornerhouse was awarded in recognition of their waste management strategy which has seen 84% of waste segregated on site being sent for either recycling or composting and the remainder sent to an energy from waste facility meaning zero is sent to landfill.  On site a number of steps have been taken to drive energy consumption down including new motors on escalators to allow them only to run on demand, and LED lighting linked with proximity detection in low use areas to ensure lamps are only on when needed.

Stockley Park has also won two further awards.  A Green Flag Award which demonstrates clear improvements made to the site and a Greener Path Award for excellent results in landfill diversion, recycling and waste management.

Delivering a sustainable property management function is a core activity at M J Mapp and it continues to grow and evolve.

Carl Brooks, Head of Sustainability says;Our property teams are constantly striving to identify initiatives that improve the environmental performance at their sites and it’s great that we are receiving external recognition which demonstrates our commitment.”

Nigel Mapp commenting on the achievements said:
This really is great news for M J Mapp and underscores our green values and the efforts made by the team.to continually demonstrate that we are meeting the highest environmental standards.’

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M J Mapp are delighted to announce the appointment of Robert Barnes as an Associate Director within the London Building Consultancy team.

Robert joins from Savills and brings with him over 25 years’ experience providing strategic advice to a wide range of clients. Robert has a particular specialism in Project Monitoring which adds depth to the existing team.

Head of Building Consultancy, Alex Herrmann commenting on the appointment said: ‘The recruitment of Robert is another positive step for the team and demonstrates our continued growth. I am confident that Robert can make a real contribution and add value to our clients across the board.’

M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 300 people to manage around £9.5 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.

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Polly’s career in property management, including spells at Cushman and Wakefield and more recently at Broadgate Estates, has encompassed strategic property management of some of London’s most high profile buildings and estates [including Knightsbridge Estate, Heron Tower and Regent Street]. She recently led The Stoddart Review, a cross-industry research publication which looked in detail at the vital role of workplace with employee engagement and productivity.

In her most recent role as Head of Strategy for Broadgate, Polly has worked on some of London’s newest and most exciting mixed-use estates such as Television Centre and White City Place, the redeveloped BBC site, providing consulting services to clients including Stanhope, Battersea Power Station Estate Management, Lendlease, ABP and Almacantar. Polly will head up the Central London office team, developing property management to support the workplaces of tomorrow; evolving the occupier and client experience provided by M J Mapp, working with Shaftesbury’s Chinatown and developing M J Mapp’s consultancy work on design for management and development consulting. Polly will be based primarily at the London Headquarters office in Great Portland Street and joins the team in early October.

Nigel Mapp commenting on the appointment said: ‘ This is great news. I have known Polly for many years and having her on board is a statement of intent about the future of M J Mapp and its direction. I am certain Polly will help us continue to stand out from the crowd both in terms of the quality and depth of service we offer.’

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M J Mapp have gone live on the first phase of their bespoke, end-to-end Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system.

For the first time, this will allow property managers to join up all the phases in the lifecycle of a building. Most systems have functionality that allows for supplier invoice approval and associated purchase orders, automating the supply chain. However, M J Mapp’s new CAFM solution, developed in conjunction with ProcessFlows, goes one step further by enabling procurement, risk and compliance, inspections and reactive, planned & preventative maintenance to be integrated seamlessly into this one single software system.

Property management companies face significant challenges in joining up siloed data in order to ensure that they remain efficient and effective in the delivery of services to occupiers. Multiple systems mean multiple opportunities for delays in decision making and issues with ensuring the end-to-end process is carried out. By utilising a single solution, M J Mapp can ensure that health and safety, risk and compliance, payments, inspections and all other ‘business as usual’ is delivered on time and within budget. Our approach has been to de-risk the overall delivery of services to all stakeholders by integrating the data to allow for complete transparency.

Utilising new technology to provide a world-class property management service is critical to enhancing service levels and as the leading specialists in the property management sector, this is something we have made a priority. We will continue to invest in and partner with best-in-breed technology providers to ensure that our clients and their occupiers always have access to the most advanced solutions possible.

The wider technological landscape forms a core part of our response to occupational and client requirements and M J Mapp’s scale and structure allow us to be extremely responsive to technological advances, anticipating and leading property technology developments and incorporating these into our service delivery and internal platform.

In this vein, we have designed, developed and implemented an enterprise-wide system with a 12-month period, with further phases to come this year. Critically this will also release staff from previous mundane tasks such as duplicating invoice approvals and rekeying data to focus on service delivery and to add genuine value to the suppliers, occupiers and client experience.

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M J Mapp have been appointed to manage Benson Elliot’s (BE) 620,000 sq ft Mander Shopping Centre in Wolverhampton, which underwent a £35 million redevelopment over the course of two years, culminating in its re-launch in the autumn of last year.

The Mander Centre attracts up to 17 million visitors annually. Its recent regeneration is part of a wider £3 billion investment project into the city of Wolverhampton. On the back of the relaunch, BE took the decision to enlist M J Mapp to manage the centre with a view to using the company’s best-in-sector knowledge and experience to create and sustain memorable shopping and leisure experiences.

The new and improved Mander Centre will be a flagship addition to M J Mapp’s retail portfolio, and will provide a great opportunity to demonstrate how it can add value and a renewed vigour to the centre. Jonathan Ratnage, Investment Manager from Benson Elliot says, “With the development complete and Debenhams and other new stores opening, we need to ensure the momentum for the centre’s transformation is sustained. Bringing M J Mapp on board at this exciting time will help us ensure that the centre reaches its full potential”.

John Michell, Head of Retail at M J Mapp explains, “At M J Mapp Retail, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with BE on this landmark project and to bring the specialist knowledge of our dedicated retail team to the table. We want to ensure that Wolverhampton and more specifically, The Mander Centre continue to develop as an engaging and vibrant hub, attracting an ever-wider demographic, increased visitor numbers and catering to the increasingly sophisticated demands of today’s retailers and shoppers.”

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Following a number of major new instructions, M J Mapp has recently made several hires into its growing retail management team of professionals.

Matthew Gioia joins us as an Associate Director, based at our Manchester office. Matthew is an experienced chartered surveyor who has worked most recently at Savills Retail in Manchester. Prior to that he was with Workman. He has experience of working on major assets for clients such as British Land, USS and The Crown Estate managing out-of-town, shopping centres and leisure schemes. Matthew will take on the management of major retail and leisure assets for some key clients such as Schroders and Orchard Street.

Caroline Cubbin joins us from Cushmans as an Associate Director and will be based at our Bristol office. Caroline has experience in managing out-of-town schemes and shopping centres. Caroline will be focusing on managing a varied portfolio including major shopping centres and retail parks for Benson Elliot and Orchard Street.

Charlie Dennis joins the Bristol Retail team on a nine-month contract as a Surveying Executive. Charlie is a graduate, having completed a RICS accredited Masters in Real Estate at Reading University. Since leaving university, he has worked at Savills and Altus. Charlie will support Caroline on her assigned properties.

John Michell, Head of Retail commenting on the new appointments said, “We are really excited about the new talent joining the retail team. Matthew will provide depth and experience in the Midlands and the North and Caroline and Charlie will strengthen our capability in the South West.”

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M J Mapp is continuing in its drive towards being the most innovative manager of commercial property in the UK in a deal with Open Box.

As part of M J Mapp’s drive to maintain its place as the UK’s leading specialist property management company, they are implementing a market-leading technology platform in partnership with Open Box, which will deliver property management automation services that enable their teams to focus on client and occupier ‘value-add’ services.

Robert Stark, Executive Director of Property Management Strategy at M J Mapp, said of the partnership with Open Box, “We are continuously looking for opportunities to drive higher standards of customer and client service. By partnering with Open Box, we see a tremendous opportunity to release our teams to focus on our clients and occupiers rather than performing repetitive, mundane tasks. The ability to automate these tasks using Open Box’s Robotic Process Automation, has the added benefit of ensuring consistency of process and output, as well as allowing us to scale up seamlessly to meet our growth plans. Importantly, this is automation to raise quality, not cut costs.”

Our starting project is to introduce automation to support M J Mapp’s centralised data warehouse and CAFM system. Automation will allow us to move bulk data around the business, making management and service level information available whilst also providing automatic supplier invoice approval to improve payment times and cash flow to clients.

Matthew Burnham, Principal, Open Box UK, commenting on the tie up with M J Mapp, says, “Traditionally, M J Mapp manually generated client reports from systems every day to extract essential property management data. Although this job is critical, it is also repetitive and time consuming, tying skilled professionals up doing fairly simple tasks and preventing them from doing other more complex work. The Open Box Real Estate Automation Engine will generate the reports on a daily basis and save them in a secure, shared location.

Dustin Strydom, Director of Automation Services at Open Box, says, “MJ Mapp has taken exactly the right approach to automation. Working with us, the team identified areas where automation could assist, identified the business case for each and then were very pragmatic about which processes to automate first. This meant the pilot ran smoothly and became a great ‘lighthouse project’ to guide the company’s desire to embrace automation more widely.”

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Poppy Edwards, Associate Director
London Office Buildings Team

Poppy has joined M J Mapp from JLL and has over 10 years’ experience in property management. The last five of these were spent specialising in the management of prime Central London offices for Fund Managers, Asset Managers and Private Investors including TH Real Estate, Oxford Properties and M1 Real Estate.

Poppy will be working with Robert Cook and M J Mapp’s specialist Central London Office team managing large or prime office buildings for M J Mapp’s domestic and overseas client base.

The growth of instructions in the London office building team over the last 12 months lead to a requirement for an experienced Property Manager. Poppy brings with her the drive, enthusiasm and experience to the role to help the team capitalise and build upon its recent business success.

Nigel Mapp commenting on this appointment said:

“We are very excited to have brought Poppy in to work with us in our Central London Office Team and believe that her combination of experience and specialism in her field will be a huge asset to M J Mapp as we expand our business across the Capital.”

M J Mapp is a market leader in the management of commercial and mixed use property and employs nearly 260 people to manage around £9 billion of commercial property and 4,500 occupiers throughout the United Kingdom for a variety of leading funds, REIT’s and other investors in Real Estate.


For further information please contact Catherine Thomas catherine.thomas@mjmapp.com
020 7908 5500

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Mishcon de Reya’s Real Estate department continues to blaze a technology trail with the introduction of automation technology that has transformed the leasing landscape for its clients.

The firm has worked closely with M J Mapp on the inaugural roll out of the software for long-standing firm client, AEW UK, and is redefining the way commercial property tenancies are processed by lawyers and managing agents. Where previously data would be on-boarded manually following completion of the transaction, the newly developed tool allows for structured lease data collected using Mishcon’s AI-based data extraction and document automation software to be uploaded directly into M J Mapp’s lease management systems. Mishcon de Reya has long recognised the role of collaboration in unlocking opportunities across the real estate sector and this latest advancement with M J Mapp demonstrates the benefit that such initiatives can hold for clients.

The technology has recently been used on the acquisition of three multi-let properties for AEW UK, and has saved the team 20 hours on the verification of 45 commercial leases. Not only does this ensure accurate data is uploaded to property management systems, it allows for almost immediate on-boarding of multi-let properties so clients are able to work in real time from day one.

Nick West, Chief Strategy Officer at Mishcon de Reya, said: ‘Our 10 year vision states our aim to be technologically transformed to automate tasks and processes and to utilise AI and cloud tech as part of our everyday practice – innovation is happening across our industry and we want to be at the forefront of it in order to deliver the best possible service to our clients.’

This PropTech development is another from the firm’s Real Estate Innovation team. Other tools developed include SOLARIS, an in-house application that allows its lawyers to immediately grab data from the Land Registry, significantly speeding up property transactions. Another is Mishcon Maps, which houses the Real Estate team’s historic deal information, and is able to highlight potential issues with commercial property acquisitions and sales.

Robert Stark, Executive Director Property Management Strategy & Operations at M J Mapp, said: ‘We have service delivery front and centre of our offer, so providing a frictionless environment for data transfer and entry, ensuring both accuracy and timeliness for clients fund management requirements has always been our goal. Working closely with clients, their partners and best in class PropTech solutions enables us to deliver market leading outcomes that bring tangible benefits to all stakeholders, not least of which is a platform that releases experienced personnel to deliver value-add projects’.

AEW UK Director and Assistant Portfolio Manager of the AEW UK Core Property Fund, Michael Shears said: ‘We have been impressed with Mishcon de Reya’s creative approach to using technology to streamline the legal work they do for us. They and M J Mapp have worked in collaboration in order to generate efficiencies and streamline work processes. This new process will save our service providers countless hours in the future and help us manage our assets more efficiently generating additional value for our investors.’



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